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Prior to the creation of the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival in 2006 there had not been a professional chamber summer festival in Manitoba.  Support for combining artistic experiences with outdoor activities for visitors to summer resort areas has proven itself successful in many places in the world.  Our mandate is to provide similar experiences for residents and visitors to the beautiful Riding Mountain National Park and surrounding area, to provide opportunities for the performance of compositions by Canadian composers, and to enhance the education and growth of young musicians through concert performance participation and/or master classes with the Festival’s musicians.

The first annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival took place on the long weekend of August, 2006 in Riding Mountain National Park.  Renowned pianist and Brandon University School of Music professor, Alexander Tselyakov, the Festival’s Artistic Director, put together four exciting programs that ranged from birthday celebrations (music by Mozart, Shostakovich and Piazzolla) to a première of a work by Gerhard Ginader. From the sold out program (over 200 people) on opening night (and with 180 and upwards attending the three other concerts) to the CBC’s national broadcast of the closing concert, the Festival made a great impression.  Manitoba was well represented with performances by Alexander Tselyakov on piano, by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s principal cellist, Yuri Hooker, and principal violist, Daniel Scholz, and with compositions by Brandon composers, Drs. Gerhard Ginader and T. Patrick Carrabré. Other artists included violinists Philippe and Marc Djokic from Halifax.

The second annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival took place on August 3, 4, 5, 2007 at Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. One of the most notable changes was  the introduction of a classical jazz component  Artists  included the nationally-renowned Penderecki String Quartet (Jeremy Bell, violin; Jerzy Kaplanek, violin; Christine Vlajk, viola; and Simon Fryer, ‘cello), Brandon University School of Music faculty members (Greg Gatien, saxophone; Megumi Mesaki, piano; and David Playfair, baritone),  Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra members (Yuri Hooker, ‘cello and Rodrigo Rojas, double bass) and Michael Cain, jazz pianist from New York. T. Patrick Carrabré acted as host for the Festival and had his work, String Trio, premièred at the event.   “Future stars” Daniel Tselyakov, piano; Jillian Carrabré, violin; and Ariel Carrabré, ‘cello  participated in the Festival where they were joined by Tselyakov,  Bell and  Hooker in a work entitled Double Trio  written especially for this ensemble by Canadian composer, Randolph Peters.

The third annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival took place on August 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2008 at Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park.  Among the most notable changes were the increase in the number of musicians from eleven to seventeen, the increase in the number of concerts from five to seven and a change in venue to the new Onanole Community Centre.

Included in the programming was a concert entitled “Serious Fun: from Cabaret to Klezmer.” which was devoted to music containing humorous connotations. Aside from some cabaret hit songs, the program included such works as Canadian composer S. I. Glick’s Old Toronto Klezmer Suite, a quintet for piano, clarinet and strings. Also on the program was a work commissioned by the Festival by local Manitoba composer, Jim Hiscott.  The “Serious Fun” concert also included a popular and hilariously funny and clever work by Wolfgang Schröder entitled Eine Kleine Lachmusik, a parody on Mozart’s famous string work, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Along with Alexander Tselyakov, international artists included Oleh Krysa, violin, and Joshua Roman, ‘cello. Canadian artists included:  Joyce Lai, violin; Yuri Hooker, ‘cello;  Daniel Scholz, viola; Naomi Forman, soprano; Jesse Dietschi, double bass; David Playfair, baritone; Jocelyn Colquhoun, clarinet; Graham Yates, piano; Michael Cain, jazz piano;  Graydon Cramer, percussion; Greg Gatien, saxophone; Jim Hiscott, accordion; and Katherine Penfold, jazz singer.  T. Patrick Carrabré acted as host.

The Fourth Annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival took place on July 31, August 1, 2, and 3, 2009 at Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park.
The number of musicians: 22
Festival Artists: Alexander Tselyakov, Founder, Artistic Director, Piano; Michael Kim, Piano; Kyung Kim, Piano; Daniel Tselyakov, Piano; Guillaume Tardif, Violin; Kerry DuWors, Violin; Guylaine Lemaire, Viola; Yuri Hooker, Cello; Leslie Newman, Flute; Julie Trottier, Oboe; Catherine Wood, Clarinet; Patricia Evans, Horn; Allen Harrington, Bassoon; Greg Gatien, Saxophone; Michael Cain, Jazz Piano; Katherine Penfold, Jazz Singer; Jesse Dietschi, Double Bass; Graydon Cramer, Percussion; Matt Dubuff, Xylophone; Vladimir Lohov, Piano.
As with each year, the program for this festival has been chosen and compiled by Alexander Tselyakov, the festival’s Founder and Artistic Director. This year the festival includes four exciting programs with music that ranges from the baroque genre to modern Canadian works. Program includes: Piano Quintet in E flat major and Flute Quartet in D major, K. by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano Trio in C Major, Hob. XV by Haydn, Sextet for Piano and Wind Instruments by Francis Poulenc, Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25 by Johannes Brahms, Carmen Rhapsody (based on Bizet’s Carmen) for Flute, Clarinet and Piano by Webster, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Op. 61 – Scherzo, Wind Quintet, Rondo Capriccioso (Flute and Piano) and Piano Trio in D minor Op. 49, No. 1 by Felix Mendelssohn. Concert entitled “Serious Fun: Extravaganza!” – devoted to music containing humorous connotations: Sullivan Overture to The Pirates of Penzance, D. Shostakovich Tarantella for Two Pianos Op. 97b, D. Shostakovich Concertino, Leonard Bernstein Jet Song, Jacques Offenbach “La vie parisienne” transcription for Two Toy Pianos and Two Grand Pianos and Sans Saens “Le Carnaval des Animaux” (The Carnival of the Animals)/Grand Zoological Fantasy for Eleven Players: Flute, Clarinet, Glass Harmonica, Xylophone, 2 Pianos, Solo Violins 1, 2, Solo Viola, Solo Cello, Solo Bass.
The Fifth Annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival celebrations took place on Friday, July 30th to Monday, August 2nd, under the artistic direction of one of Canada’s leading concert pianists, Alexander Tselyakov. The large scale roster of guest artists include Michael Kim, Kyung Kim, Kara Dixon, and Daniel Tselyakov, Pianists; Guillaume Tardif and Joyce Lai, Violinists; Ian Clarke, Viola; Laura Jones, Cello; Naomi Forman, Soprano; Cameron McPhail, Baritone; Crystal Tait, Double Bass; Catherine Wood, Clarinet; Nancy Hennen, Flute; Greg Gatien, Saxophone; Nathan Crook, Jazz Singer; Dan Stajov, Jazz Piano; and Michael Cain, Jazz Piano. Festival 2010: 7 concerts and a movie night.
The Festival’s “Opening Night: Ground Breaking J. S. Bach Concert” was scheduled for Friday, July 30, at 7:00 p.m. with the performance of Bach’s Concertos for One, Two, Three and Four Pianos and Strings. The “Serious Fun” concert, a favourite amongst concert goers, was scheduled for Saturday, July 31, 2:00 p.m.
The year 2010 will see the entire classical music world celebrating the 200th anniversaries of two of the greatest Romantic composers of the 19th Century: Chopin and Schumann. Two monographic concerts will be dedicated to these composers and their chamber, vocal and piano masterpieces.
“Summer Fest Finale” on Monday, August 2 at 3:00 p.m. concluded the 5th anniversary celebrations with the Manitoba debut of Darius Milhaud’s rare and exciting work, “Scaramouch” for piano, strings and two percussions arranged by composer Ilya Dimov of San Francisco, a long-time friend of Alexander Tselyakov.
The Sixth Annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival of seven concerts, under the artistic direction of Concert Pianist, Alexander Tselyakov, ran from Tuesday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 28th. This Festival is an important part of Canada’s cultural calendar, delighting people of all ages with a powerful musical experience. This year’s program included a jazz cruise aboard the Martese on Clear Lake. The large scale roster of guest artists include James Ehnes, Violin; Alexander Tselyakov and Daniel Tselyakov, Piano; Joyce Lai and Tomomi Brennan, Violin; Ian Clarke, Viola; Leanne Zacharias, Cello; Greg Gatien, Saxophone; Michael Cain, Jazz Piano; Eric Platz, Percussion; Crystal Tait, Double Bass; Naomi Forman, Soprano; Joel Brennan, Trumpet; Catherine Wood, Clarinet; Kara Dixon, Piano. This musical festival is now firmly lodged in music lovers’ hearts, minds and summer plans.
The Festival’s “Opening Night: James Ehnes and Alexander Tselyakov in recital” was scheduled for Tuesday, August 23, at 7:30 p.m. The year 2011 saw the entire classical music world celebrating the 200th anniversary of the greatest Romantic composer of the 19th Century: Franz Liszt. One monographic concert ‘Salut d’amour” was dedicated to this composer and his chamber, vocal and piano masterpieces and is scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 7:30 p.m.” James Ehnes and Alexander Tselyakov with friends: inimitable inventiveness” is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24, 7:30 p.m.
“James Ehnes and Alexander Tselyakov with friends: Purely Romantic night” was scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 7:30 p.m. The Jazz concert was scheduled for Friday, August 26, 7:30 p.m. “Summer Fest Serious Fun Grand Finale” was scheduled for Sunday, August 28, 3:00 p.m.
All concerts were held at the Onanole Community Centre except for the Jazz Cruise Concert (August 28, 9:00 p.m.) which took place on “The Martese” at the Marina in Clear Lake.

The Seven Annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival, August 1 – August 26, 2012, consisted of nine concerts. Repertoire ranged from Brahms, Schumann and Grainger to Bernstein and Gershwin. The 150th anniversary of Debussy’s birth was also celebrated. T. Patrick Carrabré piano trio, From The Dark Reaches was performed. 

The 8th Annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival (2013) again included both classical and jazz programs and a range of repertoire from popular (Friday, August 2) to “Unforgettable Masterpieces” (Sunday, August 4). 

The 9th Annual Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival (2014) began with a solo recital by Alexander Tselyakov, in Brandon at the Lorne Watson Recital Hall. The remainder of the Festival took place at our new venue in the Erickson Lutheran Church, Erickson, MB. Guest artists included Alexander Tselyakov, piano; Kerry DuWors, violin; Allen Harrington on saxophone; Marc Djokic, violin; Heather Wilson, viola; Rafael Hoekman, cello; Greg Gatien, Saxophone;  Eric Platz, Percussion; Chelsea Chimilar, mezzo-soprano; Naomi Forman and Sarah Hall, Sopranos; Alla Turbanova, piano, Nancy Hennen, flute;Ben Bertin, piano; Shannon Chapman, jazz voice and saxophone; Justin Alcock, jazz bass; Mahechver Shunmugam, piano. We also gave the world premiere of Brandon composer Kenneth Nichols, The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter for low voice, flute and piano.  

The 10th Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival 2015 is scheduled to take place during the August long weekend. 

This dynamic combination of artists and variety in programming guaranteed an exciting and pleasurable summer experience for all in attendance.
It is with enthusiasm that we continue to develop and promote this summer Festival – the first of its kind in the Province of Manitoba. What a long way we’ve come since our initial undertaking which featured only five musicians! This musical festival is now firmly lodged in music lovers’ hearts, minds and summer plans.

Alla Turbanova, Director
Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival
(204) 571 6547

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