Diogo Peixoto, guitar

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Diogo Peixoto started playing guitar when he was 11. At the age of 15 he started working as sideman guitarist and soon began to be called to collaborate with a wide range of artists in the state of São Paulo. In 2007 he joined the group ‘Coletivo Orquestral’ under the direction of Mário Campos (State University of Campinas) where he played alongside world class musicians, such as Arrigo Barnabé, Brandford Marsalis, Vinícius Dorin, and also recorded the album ‘Compacto’ in 2010 for the label Kalamata. Diogo is also an experienced songwriter and singer, having a number of his compositions recorded by other artists. He also participated in a number of song festivals in Brazil, including the major ‘Certame da Canção’ in 2014 when selected among the 10 finalists. In 2018 Diogo released his first solo EP entitled ‘Teto’ in which he stars as singer, guitarist, composer, arranger, and producer. His guitar playing is known for being organic and intense. Given his broad influences that go from Brazilian music, jazz, classical music and heavy metal, Diogo shows a unique melodic sense and a keen rhythmic approach typical of Brazilian musicians.