Festival Friends

We would like to gratefully thank you our friends of the festival

Greg Gatien
Joyce Burba
Heather Beesley
Terry Stamper
Kevin Taylor
Jan & Alicja Brancewicz
Weiming Zhao
Ken & Eileen Frazer
Dr. Harold Fung and Didi Stepanek                                                                                                 Kate Wagner Zeke
Margaret J Ricoine and Pierre Ricoine
Lynn Whidden and Paul Shore                                                                                                         Sofia Smutchenko
Dr. Margaret Choy
Dr. Kenneth Nichols
Lana Lourenco
Chris Phillips
Chris Bevan
Dr. Tharina Uys
Bernie Whetter
Brandon Massage Therapy Clinic
Westman Communications Group
Andreia Werner
Simona & Robert Jarasius
Sabina Rzazade
Victoria Wegner
Shantelle Mayo
Lynn Tovell
Ms. Julie Ann Kniskern
Marina M. Cram
Terry Nylen
Barbara Fagough                                                                                                                               Dennis Hunt
Drs. Brianand Sandra Bookatz Dr. Peter Xiang

To: “APPROVED TO MOVE” Company for their assistance in helping with their piano move

Also, a special thanks to all those who contributed to the artist accomodations:
Clarion Hotel
Cottages at Clear Lake
Pastor Jim Vickers & Deacon Hidegard Vickers
Heather Howdle and Susan Riediger
Lynn Whidden & Paul Shore                                                                                                                Reg & Sharon Nylen
Crystal White

To: those who donated to the receptions following the concerts:
Brandon University (Opening Night)
The Foxtail Café and the Green Spot Home and Garden (Coffee Concert : Serious Fun!)
and the local restaurant managers of T.R. McKoys and Whitehouse Bakery and Restaurant

and to Carolyn’s Floral Designs for the beautiful floral arrangements at Opening Night.