Audience as Critics

Sunday evening – It’s what Alexander Tselyakov does with his technique (it’s so much more than fingers) that is awe-inspiring. He works with the piano to communicate deep feeling, health to actually transform the musical notes into poetry. He called Chopin “the poet of piano”. Alexander puts his whole self into his music and, health it is a great gift to us. And his Schroeder was delightful! I think he has poured his whole self into this whole festival. And the other musicians, click too, have been “into it” all weekend. They seem to enjoy playing with each other. They are very friendly when met off stage and off site. I have always forgotten to comment on how I appreciated the introductions to composers, music context of the vocals. It was never condescending, it was always helpful, it was never too long! In this way, too, you spread your love of music. Thank you for all the work that everyone has done to make these days beautiful in every way.”
Chris Bridgett – Middlechurch, MB

“Dear Alexander: I intended to speak to you after the Sunday evening recital, but was hampered by my lack of mobility. I admired your playing enormously – to play the 12 Etudes is such a major accomplishment, and I had missed two earlier opportunities to hear you play these. Not only were all the technical demands met with impressive security and endurance, but the music behind the notes was always out on top. In this regard, I especially admired some of the slower passages, such as the middle of the E minor Etude, the C# minor, and the middle of the Octave study, which can so easily seem like repetitions without a goal. We also appreciated your work with Laura in the Cello Sonata. The balances worked well, even with the lid on full stick, and there were none of the exaggerations that struck me as a problem in the most recent performance given in Brandon, with David Eggert, cello, and Walter Delahunt, piano (an E-Gre recital). Beautiful sounds, expressive phrasing – thank you?”
Dr.Lawrence Jones, Professor of Piano – Brandon University
Excellent programs with remarkable talent. BRAVO! All offerings first rate!!    Edna Knock – Brandon

“The Largo in Chopin cello and piano sonata was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard! Thank you!”                         Ruth Nickel – Brandon

“Cello is always lovely to listen to… Thanks to both musicians for this evening.”    Chris Bridgett – Middlechurch, MB

“Great festival – Bravo!        Di Brandt – Brandon

“Truly magnificent.”     B. Bieber – Winnipeg

“Concert No 2  Excellent dramatization! I really enjoyed the Pizzicato Polka. Enlightening and enjoyable intro by Guillaume                   Concert No 5. I really enjoyed the selections from Chopin.           Concert No. 6 My favorite, classical, Flute & Piano; Overall: Excellent selection of music for amateur ears.”        Herman Fricke, Germany

“And to think I almost didn’t come this evening. What do I know about Chopin – nothing. But what a wonderful wonderful concert. I was so happy that I came and Thank you! Thank you! I am filled with music and feeling. Thank you!”        Bev Crawston – Onanole

“Great Show”“Bring Cam McPhail back. He was so fantastic.”                          Shirley Kirton – Winnipeg

“Wonderful concerts with exciting music and such talented performers. We would love to perform with you next summer – if you should need more singers! All the best for the future.”

Catherine Affleck – Vancouver (McPhail’s fiancé)

“Re Sat. night.

I was afraid I wouldn’t like Schumann’s work (especially for voice), but I do.

Perhaps summer is a good time to introduce more unfamiliar music. it’s vacation; our minds are relaxed and open. Again, evidence of great care in preparing program… and enormous variety of work from one composer.”

Chris Bridgett – West St. Paul

“First time visitor to your festival. Such fun! Came to see Cam McPhail perform, and left happy to see the man he’s become and hear the voice he’s been gifted to share.”

Karen Elves – Brandon

“Beautiful concept. Well done. Keep ongoing. I love to hear familiar well loved melodies. It is a good idea to intersperse or introduce esoteric or less familiar work amongst the well loved, well known works.

I like to have the Festival on the August long weekend.”

Sandra Bookatz – Brandon

“Loved the duet – acoustics are wonderful. Programs are indeed necessary – so much good info!”

Myrna Graham – Brandon

“Light fun. perfect for a summer afternoon.. So appreciate the ability to hear wonderful music in our home community. For 2 years we attended 1 – 2 performances. This year we purchased a weekend pass and are delighted. Thank you!”

Bev & Buzz Croeston – Onanole

“most enjoyable, delightful, inspirational and entertaining!

Fund raising suggestion – have supporters donate books and have a book sale. This is a hugh success in Saskatoon for our local symphony

Thank you for your efforts!”

G. Kadyschuk, Saskatoon


Patrick Rice – Portage la Prairie

“Excellent – so truly great performance. Everyone enjoyed.”

Shirley Kirton, Winnipeg

“Thank you! Thank you! This is my first year attending the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival and it is a most welcoming and thoroughly enjoyable addition to the beautiful summer at Clear Lake. Enjoyed each and every concert immensely! Gert Pematov, Vancouver, BC

“My first time at the Festival – an event that we happened to learn about by chance (brochure at the Sawmill Café in Boissevain) but plan to attend again for sure again. A great opportunity to meet “new” artists and hear music with which we are not particularly familiar. Except for some of the JS Bach and Chopin for example……

Highlights for me: hearing Cameron McPhail’s baritone – the Sunday afternoon of blues music (Thank you, Alla!)…and the Chopin’s Etudes on Sunday evening (for me a privilege to hear Alexander at the piano. Thank you, dear Alex!

Will be telling friends & family (and perfect strangers) to come to the festival.

We’re already making plans for next Festival and the musical surprises you’ll have for us.

To save yourself postage and duplication of brochures, etc., please do a single mailing to Christine Bridgett and Donna Fossay, 309 – 260 Balderstone Rd., West St. Paul. MB R4A 1C1”

Donna Fossay – West St. Paul

“Very entertaining”

P. Rice , Regina

“Loved the mixture! Some very classic & good, some light. Great concert.”

Marg Patrick, Calgary

“It’s a great pleasure to experience this quality of expertise! (Just around the corner, too!) Thank you.”

Bev Hawkins – Saskatoon

“Hello Alla: I must say how much I admire your work at organizing this festival. The programming of the concerts, the performers, their billets, their rides, and the risks you take finding the funding for it all – most of this work lies below the surface of the success we enjoy as members of the audience; and I want to say thank you. It was especially enjoyable for our family this year, having Laura as part of the performing crew, and we were happy that we were able to make it to the Sunday evening recital.”

Lawrence Jones.