Audience Comments 2017

July 12 : Daniel Tselyakov & Alexander Tselyakov, pianists, in Recital

Outstanding! Both Alexander and Daniel are great pianists. That is why I drive from Headingly to be here! 

John Hatfield 


What an absolutely splendid, sensitive, fluidity issued from each composition! These musicians of such excellence were a true delight to all the senses, truly an amazing evening! Thank you to all who made it possible! 

Patricia Tole 


Absolutely wonderful performances by both pianists. So glad we saw the advert in the paper! 

John & Cara Mackenzie 


The theme of “Prodigy to Master” is a nice one. Every concert needs something to tie the works together so the audience has a framework of some kind. This is nice. The performers/performances are superb. There was a good range of moods and styles: spearkling and contemplative, dissonant and lyrical, driving and slow, exquisite beauty and heavy drama. I liked it all. 

Ed Segstro 


Amazing emotional, intense, sensitive journey. Thank you for your beautiful artistry and artistic souls. 

Gaile Patterson-Hiley 


Wonderful artistry and virtuosity. Appreciated hearing the Beethoven – a sonata not so familiar to me. (movts. 2-4). I loved the theme. The introductions to the pieces were so informative. I’m sure there was a story behind the Prokofiev – wish we could have heard it. Loved the duet encore!! 

Elaine Segstro 



Excellent performance. Very nimble fingers. WOW.
Ron Boychuk

5 star
Jerry & Tayna Belinsky

Wonderful opening night. I cannot imagine how it could be improved.
Ken Dzogan

Excellent concert. Wonderful music. We are very lucky to have these wonderful concerts in Brandon.
Leslie Dzogan

Exhausting! A wonderful performance. Especially enjoyed Prokofiev – Etude # 3 – Lovely.
Mae Hart

I loved every performance! My favorite performance tonight were the Scherzo by Chopin and the third movement of Prokofiev’s Sonata No. 7. I especially enjoyed the textured dynamic range and the life and color in each and every performance. Thank you for the treat!
Sarah Ens

I’m pretty sure Alexander was hiding a third arm somewhere…amazing! Unbelievable chromatic scales! Loved hearing Daniel again! A true professional with the most wonderful facial expressions that added so much to the performance!
Lara Mason

Fabulous recital! So glad I came!

Sally Robinson 


Danny & Alexander were amazing! 

Rashmini Shunmugam 


Very touching La Campenella and very well technically and moving last piece. Love it. 

Danuta & Antoni Brancewicz 


Loved it! Very special! 

Verna Keeler 


Amazing, unbelievable. You must be so proud of Daniel!! 

Pat Kerelchuk 


Watching Alex play and his great use of every finger – Do Not ever try to use a saw or hammer on your deck repairs. Call Martin. 

Martin Kerelchuk 


Wonderlful, took my breath away! 

Marianna Chastko

I love the music!! 

Chloe Lourenco 


Alexander was fantastic, stupendous, superb!! 

Ravendren Shunmugam 


I loved every single moment of this concert. I also liked how every piece drew you into a different world. I especially enjoyed the encore piece at the end. Good job. 

Bennet Ens 


I love the music and it shocked me how long the music was. I loved it! 

Dylon Jarasius 


Was fantastic! 

Salosh Shunmugam 


Amazing concert! 

Jeanne Boychuk 



Dale Lakevold 


Fantastic performances! Great one – two punch! 

Charles Hatfield 

JULY 13, 2017 : Chamber Masterworks

Spectacular evening

Marg Ricoine

The Brahms was enjoyable. The Bartok was so powerful- sweet seduction, melancholy, determined resolve, exhausted triumph – so many emotions! Thank you for bringing this composition to Brandon. The musicians were masterful. So sad so few of us were here to witness this performance. We MUST attract a larger audience.

Ken Dzogan

Beautiful and passionate music played specially beautifully and passionately. Thank you for bringing such beauty to us. High energy throughout, especially the Bartok cadenza.

Carol MacKenzie

Peter Stoll – fluid and velvet notes. Bartok – Quartet – fantastic!!, cinematic and mystical! Enjoyable! to the max…

Terry Stamper

Bartok was exquisite! Engaging, piece, stimulating, wonderful!! Thank you so much!

Tharina Uys

What an absolutely beautiful delight for the senses. The music spoke directly to my soul. Fantastic performance, I am so grateful to be part of the magic that was delivered tonight.

Chris Lutes

Excellent concerts. I loved the Bartok piece. Beautiful.

Leslie Dzogan


Cathy Patterson

Wonderful to hear the Brahms again and thank you for all your hard work in bringing the Bartok Quintet to life!

Ken Nichols

Loved Thursday evening. When are we going to have the concert again based at Clear Lake over the August long weekend?

Brian Bookatz



Abigail Hysop

Excellent, Excellent concert!

Judy Cancade

JULY 14. 2017 Jazz Concert !

The chamber music festival is an impressive part of Clear Lake summer entertainment. Wasagaming Arts was an intimate setting for the jazz concert which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for continuing to provide such high level performances.

Joan Fedoruk

Beautiful venue and musicians especially the vocalist.

Heather Howdle


Wonderful! Thank you.

Judy Zeke


Simply excellent. My first time and I intend to come in the future.

Balfour Spence

Thank you for reaching out to us the public.


Excellent music. Beautiful voice.

Susan Riediger

Fantastic! Thank-you. Could we have this every Friday?

Marci Bomford

Great space and setting for an intimate concert. Wonderful concert. Greatly appreciated hearing Dr. Fearon and Aaron Check.

Mary Jane McLachlan


Really great concert but jazz needs libation. Next year we need to hold this event in conjunction with a liquor license – even if just beer and wine. I really wanted to hear more from the band!

Ken Dzogan

I wish I had a recording of this concert!!!


Wonderful music and musicians and venue. Thank you so much.

Roly Lemoing


Very refreshing and excellent display of talent. Thank you.

Angella Taylor Spence


Amazing show and excellent music choices. It is always pleasant to hear local musicians.

Kevin Goring

JULY 15, 2017 (Coffee Concert)

Thank you for the clarinet virtuoso. Better than awesome. Extremely good, congrats. Wr are so glad you come to our town. The Klezmer magnifique.

Jewell and Gunnar Dinsdale

Excellent concert (Sat morning). Always enjoy the coffee concert – great music, variety in the pieces and of course, the treats in the basement.

Ingrid Stitt

This is the second time I’ve been to the concert here. I really enjoy it. It’s exciting yet relaxing.

Kathie Hassard

A great introduction to this music in a wonderful setting. My wife enjoyed it very much also.

Gladys & Dwight Ullberg

It makes me realize how much I love classical music.

Sylvia-Linda Kaktins

A vibrant energy accompanied the tasteful collection of classical and modern music with a few musical surprises, performed by skilled and passionate artists. A morning well worth getting up for! Inspired and inspiring!

Abigail Hysop

Thank-you for a light intro to a Saturday morning, and excellent coffee and cinnamon buns! Thank- you for continuing to provide such wonderful musicians and music.

Heather Howdle


Pat & Tony Hayward

I really liked everything. Especially dynamics. Thank-you very much.

Serhiy Smutchenko

“Serious Fun” indeed! Absolutely wonderful.

Ed Segstro

I was at the opening concert on Wed and this one on Sat. I have been other years and thoroughly enjoy them. With the Sat on I could not remember if the coffee was at the beginning or not. Appreciated the cinnamon buns. Everything was very good.

Gladys Anderson


No comments

Elaine Kinney

What a wonderful coffee concert! Such beautiful compositions. So masterfully performed! It was so evident the musicians were enjoying themselves. What a joyous occasion! Thank you!!

Ken Dzogan

Fabulous program – Loved it all. So that’s what a clarinet can sound like! Always love the violins. Hee Haw was fun. Thanks.

Imeke Kerr

Wow! Great – absolutely enjoyed. Especially enjoyed the clarinet. And then there was the violin and piano “waltz” – wanted to get up and waltz!!

Bernice Germain

The clarinet playing was breathtaking. The piece by Bach was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack arrangements. The first piece by Cameron Wilson along with the violin duet reminded of the classical style of the great western movie themes.

Joel Hysop

Music great. Location good. Might you serve non-gluten food and it say on the ticket that it starts earlier for the coffee and snacks.

Jennifer Wall

Great, great concert.

Antony Brancewicz, Poland

Wonderful musical selections. I love that some of the pieces are transcribed or arranged by the performers. It was very apparent that the musicians were having a blast and that made it all the more enjoyable for the audience. The introductions, circular breathing and Hungarian army recruiting techniques, were amusing and informative; I enjoy hearing about a piece’s background.

Dianna Hysop

Just fantastic once again! It has been a fun morning BUT the artistry, musicianship and virtuosity is so evident. It’s also wonderful to see the serious fun with the artists as they perform. What a festival! Definitely “worth the trip” from Winnipeg!

Elaine Segstro

Wonderful sound in church.

Lynn Whidden

An amazing concert! We are so fortunate to have this talent brought to our communities!

Valerie Soltys

JULY 16, 2017 Festival Grand Finale

Amazing, amazing performances. Enormously difficult pieces made to look easy. Enjoyed last piece most! Beyond words! THANK YOU!!!

Cathy Wroblewsky

This music festival is fantastic! It changed my view and taste about classical music. The musicians are very pleasant and outstanding. They create a world of music where you can jump into and forget everything! Thank them all for this!!! Keep playing guys and present it to people!

E. Katerina

Another wonderful musical experience. Thank you for continuing your impressive program at RMNP. I look forward to attending the festival each July.

Joan Fedoruk

Really enjoyed Op. 16. I listen to classical music on radio and recording; hearing live performance add another great dimension. Clarinet was superb! Thanks for organizing the Festival. P.S. I posted a poster you mailed me.


We hope this festival will continue for many more years.

Antony Brancewicz (Poland)

I’m not a fan of Benjamin Britten’s music but you’re expanding my horizons. The Beethoven was marvelous! Very enjoyable!! Wonderful musicians!! Five concerts in five days is lot. Would it hurt to shorten the program to four days – Thursday-Sunday? I look forward to next year’s program!

Ken Dzogan

Another superb concert. I love this venue and the high level of musicianship. This concert has more challenging music but still very accessible. Thank you!

Ingrid Stitt

Fantastic concert. Beautiful violin playing.

Mary Jane McLachlan

Loved the “Sunday” performance – especially Oleg and Daniel’s piece – they really did talk to each other!

Sylvia-Linda Kaktins

This concert is like a breath of fresh air – fantastic, performance of very interesting pieces, with the 1st part being genuinely “perpetuum mobile” – best wishes to musicians and organizers with more great performances in the future.

Mariana Anderson

Excellent performances. Exciting!

Joyce Cawston

The sound of violin was beautiful, as well as other instruments. And the techniques are amazing.

Sofia Smutchenko


Wonderful, wonderful festival! I so look forward to it every year. Amazing to have such incredible, world-class musicians entertain out here so we don’t always have to go to Brandon or Winnipeg. Love the music selections for all the concerts. Love the informative talk before each piece. Keep it coming!! Wasagaming Arts venue a little crowded and hot but great excitement and celebratory feeling to the concert. Thank you so much for it all.

Wendy Rose

The concert is really great! I really enjoyed the chamber music festival. I hope I watch the festival again next year.

Hwan Gyu Cho