Comments: Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival 2008 

– these beautiful chamber concerts compare favourably with the best performances in Salzburg.  Thus, Clear Lake/Onanole must be the “Salzburg of the Prairies”.  Will be back next summer.  (Christopher Stadel)

What a wonderful weekend!  I am so glad that my husband and I bought weekend passes and took in all the concerts.  Each performance was special in its own way.  I really enjoyed the evening performances and the Russian Masterworks on Sunday night.  It was a privilege to attend such quality performances with accomplished artists.
Enjoyed every one.  Wonderful artists!  How do I become a “friend”?
Will come again next year.  Thanks a lot.  You’ve made my summer. (Shirley Kirton)
This is the first year we have attended this festival and have found it a wonderful musical experience listening to all the great performers and the amazing talent in the group.  Many thanks to Alexander Tselyakov for organizing this event and hope there will be more in future years.
  I very much enjoy the music, in particular the instrumentation and blending of instruments.

Mozart was wonderful.  The players were marvelous.  I enjoyed the clarinet player so much.  The final concert was grand.  Oleh Krysa was great on the violin and Alexander  Tselyakov was his usual self (greatness) on the piano.
1.  Variety is the “spice of live” and this was exemplified by tonight’s concert – an exciting beginning to this weekend’s Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival.  Aren’t we lucky to have such talent available to us?
2.  More Variety & Fun (as in Eine kleine Lachmusik) and all performed by talented musicians.  How can it get any better?  And 3. more concerts to do – can’t wait.  
4.  Jazz – Wow!! Fantastic!  We grew up in a jazz era and thanks a lot to Les Payne learned to love it.  So we were very pleased when Jazz was adopted into the School of Music and hence also began a part of the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival.  Too short.
5.  Beautiful the works of Rachmaninoff especially.  Truly “easy listening” at its finest. 
Super music and musicianship.
6.  A wonderful concert – a wonderful sum-up and conclusion of the superb music and talent that we’ve been so fortunate to hear this weekend.  Thank you and best wishes for next year.

I have enjoyed the three concerts I attended immensely.  Each had special thrills for me – the Mozart Quintet has long been a favorite.  I was thrilled with the Rachmaninoff and so impressed with all the Rising Artists.  Thank you.  Suggestion:  I would have appreciated a short bio on each of the artists.

I couldn’t be prouder of the talent shown by this group of performers – young and not so young.  The committee is to be commended for putting together this opportunity for us all to enjoy them.  As a lover of baroque and early music, I find my horizons broadened on listening to the Russian composers.  Maybe a microphone would help the quieter speakers.  I appreciated Patrick’s introductions to the pieces.

Friday, August 1.  Speaking as the “unconverted” to classical music, I really enjoyed Mozart’s Larghetto. Shepherd on the Rock and Szymanowski’s Andantino tranquillo e dolce.  Pat Carrabré’s introductory/explanatory comments were very much appreciated.
Saturday, August 2.  – very enjoyable.  Loved Naomi & David and appreciated the fun of Lachmusik and the Rabbi’s Wedding.  Oleh Krysa was amazing – we’re so fortunate to be able to listen to musicians of this caliber.
The musicians we had the privilege of hosting were a delight.  Hopefully our guest cottage will be available again next year.   The Jazz afternoon on Sunday was a delight – so smooth yet exciting.  A hearty welcome to Michael Cain, such a wonderful addition to the School of Music’s Jazz program.   (Sandra Penny)

We thoroughly enjoyed both our talented local artists and those visiting the festival.  The “Serious Fun” was an added pleasurable surprise on Saturday evening and seemed to draw a crowd.  Thank you for also being instrumental in the new composition of Jim Hiscott’s “Amador” Tango.  The talented “Rising Artists” took full advantage of their performance opportunity and absolutely thrilled me.  
Sunday, August 3 – Russian Masterworks.  This was really beautiful, and again Pat’s introductory comments setting time, place and relationships really added to my appreciation of this music.  
 Congratulations to Prof. Tselyakov and the board for keeping it going
 See you next year.
P.S.  We would love to hear more Schubert (String Quintet or the Piano Trios) – plus how about some Dvorak?

I particularly enjoyed the Saturday night program and the Sunday afternoon Jazz concert.  I did feel that 6 concerts in 3 days was a lot to attend (Of course I could choose not to go to all) but I didn’t want to miss any of them.  Well done!!!  P.S. I’m doing the Jazz Cruise tonight and than I’ll have had my music “fix” until next year.

 This was a “charming” concert.  “Bravo” to the artists.

Overall this was a fine festival with some excellent rendering of “pure” chamber music. 
I wish to submit the following recommendations, some of which in discussion were shared by others in attendance many of whom represented an audience demographic of seniors:
1)  Timing:  The 1:00 p.m. scheduling for the first jazz concert was impractical for those traveling from Brandon or elsewhere.  It was a tight squeeze and it meant no lunch for outsiders. It was probably inconvenient for local cottagers as well. Consideration should be given to church goers.
2)  Microphone use:  The jazz artists who used a microphone when speaking from the stage could be clearly understood.  The host did an excellent job.  His delivery was always clearly articulated without a mike.  A few of the performers who projected less well in speech could have been understood had they used a mike.  I speak as one who has hearing problems and have heard the same comment from other with the same defect.
I commend the Board and committee members for all their hard work and dedication to quality programming.  Thanks for bringing top-notch artists and a fine mix of chamber music into our midst. Excellent choice of music and performers.  Looking forward to next year.  Commentaries were very helpful.  (Edna Knock)

Excellent musicians!  I love jazz — its warmth, informality and opportunity for spontaneous response!  Love that!!  I was disappointed that the singer wasn’t there (since it was advertised and no explanation given).  I especially enjoyed World on a String, the only one I was able to recognize.  The familiar is very enjoyable.  P.S.  It would be fun to have out door concerts – maybe at the band stand?

Great musicians to be brought out to Onanole.  Hope this great entertainment continues.
I still so crave an outdoor event. To my mind there is just nothing to compare to chamber music in a natural setting.  Somehow we need to make it work – what about free chamber music or jazz in the gazebo by the beach?    Just a “nod” to some of the jazz that made us “older folks” fall in love with jazz might be nice.  I love the challenges and excitement of new modern jazz very much as well. (Lydia Comty).

3rd year at Festival.  Very sad that jazz concert is not at Jay’s this year.

Wonderful program and superb talent.  Each program is so varied and interesting – can’t wait for the next program.

This was an exceptional weekend for me.  I am not a knowledgeable audience but I do like the classics and these performances were just wonderful!  Thank you.   I know what I like and I like this.

The Rachmaninoff was brilliant.  
I was impressed with the very talented musicians taking part in the music festival.

We are very impressed with the musicians.  The chamber music festival is a great entertainment addition for Clear Lake and the surrounding area.

Loved the Klezmer Suite from Saturday evening performance.  

Concert #1.  Mozart – Violin and Clarinet, Oleh Krysa, J. Colquhoun – impressive!


Enjoyed it immensely.
Attended last night and today’s jazz – one word:  Excellent!!


Great performances.  This festival is a wonderful idea – perfect for summer concert going.

Love it.

Sat pm – excellent concert.  The variety was amazing, the talent outstanding.  What a wonderful weekend of music.  Loved it!

Superb – a great future!

Marvelous – great musicianship.

Wonderful music, acoustics and beautiful building.

Excellent concerts  beautiful, powerful, expressive.  

This weekend is loaded.  Could it be a week earlier or later?

The jazz concert was great.  An out door setting is a lot better.

What a treat!  Thoroughly captivating!  (Attended 3 performances.)

-Concert #3 – Saturday – was very enjoyable.

Wonderful, such variety.  It made me smile.  Thank you.

Musicians in the audience must have been thrilled. The rest of us were indeed privileged and thrilled.  Thank you.

Enjoyed the jazz and variety show.  Very pleasant weekend.

Great show!

Enjoyed the diversity in the program – well thought out – well performed.  Would have appreciated the words of the Schubert piece.

Good variety


Excellent selection of music.  Superb performers.  My favourite – “Lachmusik”

Exquisite – finally you came here!!

Excellent.  Enjoyed very much.
Wonderful.  Would have preferred Tchaikovsky last.  

Thank you.  A wonderful concert.


Wow!  Extremely talented musicians.  My 7 year old son loved it and is inspired to play.  Good!

I enjoyed the whole concert but the Schubert in particular.  It would be lovely to hear more voice.

Great work (Eine kleine Lachmusik).  All the vocal performances were very enjoyable, especially “Losing My Mind”.  Also “I’m Tone Deaf” and “I Remember it Well”.  The Klezmer Suite was stunning!

-Great music by superb performers.  What about a “Viennese Night” next year?  What about some flowers/plants at the stage and handing out flowers to the lady performers?  

-An excellent concert of inspiring, young musicians.  Their futures look bright.  

-beautiful building
-a great education/comments between songs
-fun music selection

Yes, it was fun!

Great Hall – great concert (Sat)

The songs were terrific!

Klezmer was awesome – thank you.

I would suggest you drop the house lighting during performances (1) to highlight the performers (2) to drop the heat generated by the lights themselves on a warm summer evening.
Thanks to host and Ms Forman for telling us something about the piece and/or composer

Lovely to hear students from BU School of Music performing.  Thanks for the free concert.
How about adding literary – Poetry – component?  Might fill the rest of those seats!  I’d be willing to help co-ordinate!  (As you know, poetry is making a prestigious comeback — the Griffin and Blue festivals in Toronto & Montreal (Di Brandt)

A very enjoyable concert of our “Rising Starts” –  look forward to following their future careers and hearing much more of them in future festivals at Clear Lake. (Loved the bare feet Gillian – what a human touch!!)

Excellent performances and choices of music.  Varied and exciting.  Please close the curtains on the windows behind the piano.
I loved Friday and Saturday nights. My mother (age 88) and I (age 55) had difficulty hearing Pat Carrabré.  Perhaps a P.A. system with lapel mikes could be borrowed.  The lighting was fairly good but uneven.  Perhaps the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium could donate a few stage lights and a light and sound technician.  A wonderful display of talent and humour.  Thanks you.  (Paul Sharpe).

I enjoyed all three composers’ works.  Enjoyed the variety.  And appreciated the introduction of the pieces to learn more about the composers and the times they lived in.  Thank you.

I cannot believe how we can listen to such “elite” musical “athletes” at such a tiny place as Clear Lake, MB. Truly, this was an excellent showcase of the world class talent that exists at Brandon University.  Well done to all responsible!

3 concerts.  It’s really great to be here and see all the talented people.  It’s wonderful.


Enjoyable, but perhaps a little heavy for the average listener.  Did really appreciate the fantastic talent of the performers.

Fantastic showcase of up and coming talent.  I thought the line up was perfect.  Pat was a good host.  Loved the background stories of the various composers.