A very impressive program with talented musicians. We hope this music concert program will continue at Clear Lake every summer.        –             Pauline Allard

We are so lucky and book such talent. David has come so far in the last two years. Bravo!            Geo Cadigan

The music was great! Franz Hayden was great, ambulance Felix Mendelssohn was perfect. This is absolutely perfect. We are so lucky to have you! All the best to you.                               Sheila Murphy

 We have enjoyed all of the concerts. Daniel at the piano was outstanding. He had a lot of finger work in Haydens trio in C major with the violin and cello. All Mendels music was well done.                                                                                                        Allany Audrey

Loved every minute. Please keep coming.                                               Karen Davies

Length of Sat. 2pm concert was perfect, sildenafil a teaser for more. Hats off to: young musicians, patient the humor introduced, the introduction to the pieces, the combination of fun/serious variety of music and the instruments. Thank you for an afternoon delight! Use of microphone is great as voice sounds don’t carry well to the back.      Bev Crawston

Pure joy!             James Durham

The whole afternoon was absolutely entertaining. Enjoyed the young pianists. The clarinet solo was wonderful/perfect. Suggest microphone be turned off when not in use. I heard noises in the back room.                 April Henderson

This has been a privilege. Thank you.                     Joyce Cawston

Great fun, wonderful variety. Loved the Piazolla and Marcello. Didn’t like the P.A system- better without.             Paul Anderson

Saturday afternoon- Very enjoyable!!! Thanks for your effort. Nice to hear some familiar music for those of us not so musically educated!           Katherine Corey

A wonderful joyful afternoon of music. Thank you! P.S First time my son saw a live chamber music. He loved the experience.        Leanne Foley

FANTASTIC! Friday evening program was a great mix of styles and eras, all played superbly. It prepared us for the wonderful mix of delights that we heard on Saturday afternoon. Excellent performances, excellent concert hall, excellent tales about the music too. Thanks!   Michael Attas

What talented individuals (musicians) your range of music in this concert was appreciated. It was inspiring to see the range of talent in the young musicians.      Lynda Ray-Kamann

This is my first time to attend this festival and I will be sure to be back. This afternoon’s performance was thoroughly enjoyable and educational. I feel blessed to be able to attend and do appreciate the talent of all the performers. Thank you so much!                                       Diana Cruise

What a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon! What about some vocal repertoire in the mix?      Judi Janzen

Outstanding performances by Ivan and Vladimir Petrov, and Leslie Newman. Excellent concert by all performers.      Kathie Anderson

Saturday 2pm- Wonderful selection of pieces, wonderfully performed. Thank you!           Fran Anderson

Superb performances! Great choices for this pm concert!! I run out of adjectives especially for the Marcello!  Helin

Saturday Evening: The Haydon and Mendelssohn were both wonderfully performed! I’m most impressed by Ms. Newman on flute, but all were good. The selections were sublime. On Saturday afternoon it looked like three pianos could have used three page turners, or at least two.                                                                           Rick Hamon

Wonderful concert. The 2 piano trios’ in particular were very well performed.     Anonymous

Excellent performance. Can never go wrong with Yuri Hooker. Beautiful blending and balance of instruments.  Herman Klassen

The 3 pianos were wonderful! The 2 pianos were wonderful!  Alexander Tselyakov and his son Daniel played the piano terrifically. Yuri Hooker and all the girls were wonderful.     —————Sheila Murphy

Wonderful concert series. This place should be filled with better advertising and promotions.              M. Hangmanes

Particularly enjoyed the last selection- spirited.           Jim Wood

Very much enjoyed all of the selections. The flute piece was lovely and Leslie’s introductions to her festival selections were a definite plus. It’s good to hear from the musicians on their selections.            Jan Christiansin Wood

Bravo!          Jake Janzen

Concert #3: A superb evening. Such a delight to have a concert of this quality in summer. Thank you! Congratulations Daniel.               —————-Judi Janzen



Mesmerizing! Such a great setting for such high caliber music and musicians.            Barb/David Currey

Another wonderful day thank you. You must be so proud of Daniel.            Brai bookate

Sonata in C major: Not just a graceful energetic display of virtuosity, but clearly articulated Sonata form, exp. Div. relays.

Sullivan: All the beloved tunes presented with clarity, drama and flair. We were ready for the curtain to open!

Gershwin Grainger: Brilliant display!

Henry Sehellenberg


Picked up a brochure at a shop in clear lake in June and recognized some of the names as I will be attending BU in the fall for piano and wanted to attend.           Sarah Engen

Fantastic especially Gershwin. Very good performances all around. 5 star all the way. David Yanva

The Kim’s were absolutely fantastic. I would come to hear them again. The variety was great. A friend asked me if I had heard about the concert but we found no advertising. I eventually googled it and found it in a BU newsletter where I found the website address. The advertising could be increased in surrounding areas.          Gladys Anderson

 Very good. Heard about it from my daughter who will be attending BU in the fall for the music program. Was interested in hearing the Kim’s as had heard a lot about them.           Stan Engen

 A wonderful performance Friday evening. We especially enjoyed the Mozart. The second piece was cute, but we missed most of the narratives. The intros given by the musicians were appreciated. Sometimes the microphone would have helped. I loved Mendelssohn! Helen Orr

August 1st afternoon: A wonderful concert with extremely talented musicians.   Anonymous

 Saturday: What can one say, what a great afternoon concert. The young lads are so professional now; it would be wonderful to hear them in a few years time. The fathers must be proud to have them accompany them. Piano was the instrument I learned while young and Allan the violin so it was a great treat to hear the three pianos. I enjoyed Vladimir’s solo he played it so well.                             Allan and Audrey Harburn

Wonderful concert I really enjoyed the variety.                   Anonymous

We so need our ears re-attuned. Beautiful musicianship thank you! Thank you! P.S I’ll definitely be a volunteer.                    Bev Hawkins


Fantastic concert. I loved every minute. Keep up the great work!




The variety of the serious fun concert was excellent! An excellent afternoon performance. Although no microphone is preferable, those who use one need to know that they are designed to be placed only 2 inches (or less) from the mouth. It’s also important to stand well behind the speakers, or feedback will result. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.


Rick Hamon


What a beautiful building with amazing acoustics. It’s a treat to hear such talented young performers too.




I enjoyed the Mozart. Mendelssohn’s concert last night was wonderful what I didn’t enjoy was the Luciano Berio concert, I had trouble hearing it. I enjoyed the Francis Poulenc concert.


Sheila Murphy


Excellent program, superb performances! Special thanks to Vladimir and Daniel!


Herman Klassen



Lovely! I especially enjoyed the artist’s very entertaining introductions to the pieces they played. Thanks again see you next year




A relaxed and very entertaining time. Very talented musicians.





Most enjoyable, beautiful music. Enjoyed every note. Too bad more people haven’t heard about Clear Lake chamber music. Should be advertised early June.


M. Hargraves


This is the first year I attended. I really enjoyed Friday evening. There was a wide variety of serious and fun pieces. I had seen this weekend advertised in Brandon a couple of years ago but have not seen advertising around such as in Neepawa and Minnedosa, ect.


Gladys Anderson


The musicians are all very accomplished players and well balanced in sound. Interesting selections of music this evening so enjoyable. I also really enjoyed the introductions delivered by artists. On a technical note I suggest reducing the amplification of the microphone (as it is nearly feeding back) and it needs to be on a stand so the sounds of handling it are not amplified. Thank you!


Rick Hamon


Very well done! Particularly liked the Berlio; also the interaction of the oboe and clarinet in the Mozart.


Bill Rayner


Wonderful concert. What a pity you do not advertise more ex. Posters in restaurants, café etc. in Brandon, Neepawa and Minnedosa. Too few people know about this festival.


Diane Ramsey


Bravo! Need to bring busload from Brandon!


Ian Sharpe


This was an executing evening! I enjoyed all of it and the great variation.




Entertaining, loved the variety and fun pieces. Could have used microphone for the speaking parts.


Barb Campbell


Loved the concert! I thought the program was nicely varied and it was great to hear the wind instruments. I’m use to going to solo concerts. I really thought the Berio piece was fun! I’d like to hear more concerts; maybe some other year.


Shirley Rayner



Love the woodwinds and look forward to the brass in the future. What a pity people do not know about this festival.


George Cadigan


Lovely concert enjoyed the up and close approach. Enjoyed seeing the wind instruments and performers so close. More refreshments would have been nice.






The concerts have all been so fantastic! We are so fortunate to be able to have such musical talent and such a lovely venue to have the concerts in. This is my second year of attending. The performers are all incredible. Bravo to them all and the organizers as well.


Yvette Cancade


Beautiful blending of instruments; superb performance. Difficulty understanding pronunciations over microphone.


Herman Klassen


Another fabulous performance! We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to experience such talent. The variety arranged in these performances is outstanding. Keep up the good work!


Glenn Charman


First concert. A lovely venue, our first visit to the festival. Hadn’t heard the Berio before but really enjoyed it, very whimsical and funny. Wonderful music.


Jan Wood


First concert. Great music!


Jim Wood


Serious fun! I very much enjoyed the selections chosen. The two Anderson pieces were light hearted and definitely fun. Hadn’t heard the Wilson piece before, always nice to hear something new and unusual.


Jan Wood


We are very fortunate to hear this program. I would be glad to volunteer but am only in Clear Lake after July! Thank you!


Elaine Kinney


Such fantastic talent! We should try to arrange transport for more to attend. A bus service would bring more from surrounding areas. More coverage in media to encourage participation would add to the financial success to match the caliber of the festival.


Glenn Chapman





Overhead lights were very distracting and hard on my eyes while watching the musicians. Recommend they be dimmer or turned off. Delightful performances.


Bev Crawston


Bravo!! Keep it up.


Corinne Griff


Sunday evening, thoroughly enjoyed the piano playing and so glad they began with Bach ‘Carnival’ was so much fun.


Elaine Rust


Michael and Kyung Kim were a real treat. They managed the four hands admirably. They were a neat treat. My favorite of the festival was the ‘Carnival of the animals’. I enjoyed the work of Yuri Hooker in ‘the Swan’. I enjoyed Alexander and Daniel Tselyakov. I enjoyed the commentary too! I enjoyed the Xylophone by Vladmire Petrov too.


Sheila Murphy


Saw the newspaper adds posters and brochures locally in Brandon. It was a way wonderful evening-Sun. p.m.


Sharon Vanderschuit


Please bring all this back again next year!




I heard from a friend. Attended 2 plus the cruise. All here Excellent! Hope to take in the complete festival next year.


Dianne Beaven


The concert was excellent as were all of them. You need to have the festival much more widely advertised. More people need to attend you should consider hiring a marketing company!



Diane Ramsey


Lovely programme and most enjoyed festival. Next year we need more ‘buns in seats!’ Amazing how many people from clear lake to Neepawa have no idea this is going on.


George Cadigan


Excellent selection of music and performers. Thank you for all your work! Especially good to see the young performers, Daniel Vladimir.


Herman Klassen


Really enjoyed the piano duo; excellent selection, superb performance. ‘Carnival of the animals’ was excellent! Thank you!


Herman Klassen


Concert #3: Pianist Daniel is so talented, expressive and the Hayden was everything Yuri promised. Thank you for re-introducing me to the piano trio and for Yuri’s into, as well as Kerry’s. The book-end trios were appreciated! WOW!




Thank you for a most enjoyable concert! (Sun. evening)


Carol Sundmart


Very good!


Audrey Altken


A feast to the ears!


Weiming Zhao


First time, heard from a friend, know the Kim’s, excellent evening, well worth coming, will come again. Thank you.


David Eaton


We loved it! What a treat!


Catherine Hugill


Delightful joyous evening of wonderful performers.


Sandra Penny


Most enjoyable. First time and will come again.


Jack Rorotsik


Fantastic!! Amazing thank you.


Bev Borotsik


Enjoyed the music so much. The pianists and it was lovely to hear all the different animals’ thank you.


Elizabeth Vanderschuit


Wonderful performers!


Feng Ping Au


Note: I believe host Anne Nesbitt has an “e” on her given name and her surname has 2 “t’s”. Anne and Rea Nesbitt are gathering local hosts together to review how things went and provide some feedback. We will be in touch following. It may result in an expanded roster of potential hosts with forms to register. Perhaps it will enable us to match artist requirement with host offerings.


Sandra Penny




Wonderful concerts! Very entertaining. Would love to see a third concert added to each day. Perhaps opening performance could start later (we missed it due to driving out). Also, would love to stay for Jazz Cruise, but must return home before Tuesday. Perhaps the Jazz Cruise could operate on Sat. or Sun. night. Finale starts one hour later than all other matinee performances-?? (This time frame is a push for us since the drive home is still 3 more hours to our day) Love the casual atmosphere. Little quirks have made it humorous and light. Magnificent performers! Bravo!


Krystyna and Bill Carrier


Wonderful concert! You need someone else to make the announcements. She is hard to understand and repetitive.




Concert #5: Very much enjoyed the ‘Surprise’ Bach in addition to the 3 selections on the program by Kim. The saint- Sains was a treat-great narrator, too! Giving the selections a ‘place’ in music history is much appreciated.


Jan Christianson


Concert # 5 was Fantastic!


Jim Wood


Camille saint-sains piece- not the best use of musicians.




Very nice variety of programming and instrumentation. I liked the commentaries especially with the Brahms piano quartet.


Fantastic!! Keep doing the festival and we’ll be back.


Ernest Klassen


Well worth the trip from Winnipeg!


Jim Wood


A nice mix of the more familiar and the modern as a conclusion to a wonderful festival. Quite dramatic, too!


Jan Christianson




Myrna Graham


Phenomenal in clear lake!! What a privilege to listen to such great and talented artists. Thank you for all the time, effort and energy you put into your music! Great!


Brian Paterson


Simply spectacular! World class! How do we create more harmonious music?


Don Partrick


It is a great week for music for all.


Patricia Boleman


Exceptional Talent!


Edna Arnold


Please get someone to work as a stage hand for all the concerts. It would make it more professional. A student would be good. Very enjoyable!




Each concert gets better and better. The flute, cello, violin and piano what more could you ask for.            F. Clarke


All the seats were not full. They don’t know what they missed.           Allany Audrey