AUDIENCE COMMENTS                              
Cathy  Patterson, Gladstone, Manitoba :
Very excellent.  Nice informal atmosphere which puts the “Chamber”  in Chamber Music.  Great to get such accomplished players up here!

Excellent selection and variety of music!   I enjoyed the commentaries from host Colette Simonot.  $80 for six concerts is a great bargain

Andersons/Rasmussen, Calgary:    
Keep the classics as basic!   Love James Ehnes and the Tselyakovs!  Naomi Forman – such a delight to see  and hear, as always!  Traveled from Brandon every day for performances, missed only Thurs. eve and Sun. eve.  Wonderful selection, variety, skill of all of the musicians.  Venue excellent , listening, spacing, washrooms, parking, temperatures, seating.   Bravo to the sponsors –  deserving annual festival!  Thoroughly enjoyed MC’ing by Colette Simonot.  Well organized !

Sandra Penny, Onanole:     
I really appreciate the new website.  Each time your concert emcee/musicians used a microphone, it added so much to my enjoyment and appreciation (understanding) of the concert.  Colette Simonot as emcee was a good idea even though I love hearing from the artists.  The Liszt concert was very special and I can’t thank you enough for bringing James Ehnes  – what a treat.  Daniels “Mephisto Waltz” was spectacular .  (and his Chopin)  “Serious Fun”  could be advertised as child-friendly, whimsical and light-hearted or some such manner to bring Chamber Music to those not yet addicted.   Thanks Naomi  – just amazing.  Care for artists – such a boon.

Erna Karlowsky, Brunkild, MB :     
Came to Thursday nite – absolutely incredible, loved every minute of it.  Regarding ticket sales, I called 3-4 weeks prior to the event and was promised that tickets would be held for me  Went to Nature Shop to pick them up and there were none available.  Thankfully we were able to come early and still get a ticket  Possibly a better process put in place would be nice as we drove 3 hours just to some see the concert.
Weiming Zhao, Brandon, MB :   
Wonderful concerts!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Jim McNabb, Shaunavan , Sask :  
Maybe you could use a PA system for announcements.
Mrs. Kathy Metelski:

Edna H. Knack, Brandon:   
Excellent musical offerings from a variety of skilled performers.  My favorite programs were Wed and Sat – chamber music at it’s best  – choice of music determined the above.  I missed the jazz programs.
                      -The host gave an excellent account of herself, her scholarly introductions were a big bonus.  
Congratulations, Alla, Alexander and Daniel for again providing our community with a great seasonal gift.  Your dedication is appreciated!

Name not legible T.Up  ….   Brandon:
 How lucky we are…
Great Festival!!
Pat Mullans, Brandon:   
Excellent program as usual!

D. Brandt, BU, Brandon:
Brilliant    Bravo     Thank you

Wanda Nicol, Brandon:    
We feel very fortunate to have this wonderful festival so close by.  It was such a privilege to sit 10 feet from James and friends for this thrilling concert.  Publicity was great.  Access to tickets convenient.  Amazing value and a beautiful venue.  Thanks to those who make this event possible! 
Donna Fossay: 
I’m interested in learning the mission statement of the Festival, and of the short/medium/long-term vision for it and how the Board hopes to “grow” that vision, as well as the role(s) that Festival “fans” could play.
Thanks you for the 2011 concerts! And all your hard work. 

Chris Bridgett, Middlechuch :
Thank you for the following:
– he wildflowers! The little touches
– bringing James Ehnes to the festival so that his “home town fans and followers as well as music lovers from all over, can experience his genis in this fairly casual atmosphere.  Here we have heard such beauty!
– the approachability of the festival musicians.  The overall unstuffiness, in spite of formal wear on the stage.  Esp the bits of background info.
– the very best  for us in the small town, with affordable tickets.  I expeted that Mr. Ennes would be playing a less fabulous instrument for the less-grand people and place!
– Finding this setting for the festival.  It’s handy to many and a fine hall.  Congrats to Onanole.  Well done!  Congratulations!  Thank you!