Marvin Skrezka

– outstanding musicians

– great mixture of pieces

– church always a good venue for chamber

– great commentary on accompanists and pieces


George Prout

I loved the classical music as it is, remedy we very seldom are able to see the live performers unless you go to Winnipeg. The enjoyment of speaking with the artist such as Marc Djokic and seeing his violin was fabulous. Alex a world renown piano player and then meeting the composer of one piece of music.


Nola McBurney

Opening concert in Brandon was wonderful – Daniel is really awesome.

– Second concert had an impressive variety of excellent but challenging music.

– These concerts provide the opportunity to hear different music and to broaden our musical experience!


Marilyn Prout

Very relaxing. Difficult to stay awake in today’s performances. Saturday’s performance was like riding the rails, decease up and down the track around the corners. Jazz was amazing. The quartet’s music especially mark reminded one of being in a Butterfly garden “what A Steady HAND”. Ballroom dancing in the 1800’s with ladies in Bustles and Gents with White Wigs. Such a variety of contrasts. Just Super Amazing!!!


Jean Bergbusch

Loved the Corigliano! A showcase of American composers with some Paganini and Stravinski thrown in. I hope that there will be (is) a recording. The Brahms and Beethoven were excellent too. A wonderful concert!


Carol MacKenzie

Such superb musicianship; such passion in the playing. An experience to be so close to the musicians, and see their facial expressions and how they communicated their love for their music in their expression and posture. At times I was transported to another place.


Peter Bergbusch

  1. How did Punto play those fast runs without valves? Demonstration?
  2. Coriglaino – 3rd movement: “Film Noire Thriller”. Great performance.
  3. Brahms – 4rth movement a fitting finale for the concert. Very lovely and a pleasure to hear.


Cathy Wroblewsky – Sandy Lake

Friday evening concert

– never knew a French Horn could be so beautiful, haunting, transporting

– violin – fantastic

– piano – both beyond words

– amazing we can have this in Erickson

– loved the Sunday 3:00 performances

– brilliant piano, amazing violinist

– clarinet – never heard such beauty from this instrument, cello – exquisite

– last piece – fantastic – beyond words – violin – unreal, great piano


Herman KlassenMinnedosa, MB

Excellent selection of music – contrasts

Beautiful blending of instruments

Excellent selection of music, performers and venue. Such superb quality of music is rarely heard in rural Canada. Thanks. Please continue.


  1. Joyce Cawston –  Virden

Exemplary technique. Felt compelled to sit on the edge of the seat throughout the performances. Thank you for the privilege of being able to hear these presentations in a quiet and lovely setting. Inspiring!


Deb Maluk – Sandy Lake

Wow! Sunday afternoon – “Romantic Afternoon”

Outstanding pieces – amazing musicians

Good background info – such a treat to have such great music so close to home

Congrats on 10 years of bringing great music “out to the woods”


Pat & H. E. Mullins –  Portage la Prairie

Fantastic concert as usual

Wide variety of music

We always enjoy coming


Pat Hargreaves – Brandon

Extremely well performed – a variety of colourful contrasts

What fun to perform


Bill Hargreaves – Brandon

Well done! Even the untrained ear can recognize quality.


Mary Klassen –  N

Wow! The energy and virtuosity of the Corigliano composition was wonderfully captured by these two talented musicians. Wonderful concert. I really enjoyed the Horn Sonata, too. Beautiful.


Maria McIntryreBrandon

Amazing music ! Bravo!

Janis Klassen –  Minnedosa, MB

Fabulous contrasts was certainly an appropriate title to Friday’s concert. The Horn and Violin were most impressive.


Heather Hrymak – Erickson

Enjoy the festival very much!

Thank you


Mary Jane McLachlan – Victoria, BC

Wonderful concerts; uplifting and relaxing

Concert on Saturday, August 1/15 with Dr. Fearon especially appreciated.


Grace Potter – Site 240, Box 30, R.R. 3 – Brandon – R7A 5Y3 – 204-728-2176

Another great festival

Looking forward to next year


Joan LightleBrandon


My first time to attend

I definitely plan to come again. Thanks!!






Sheena Scorgie – Erickson –

The purpose of this festival has come through. I know that I will follow these musicians now because of the opportunity I had to come and be introduced to these talented people. It is true that I would not have seen as much talent because of where I live, time, finances. I am so thankful.


Jim Vickers – Erickson

– Great music

– Thank you for bringing such great music to our community


Joshua Scorgie – Erickson

– joyful – full of mirth!

– I was transported over the waters of Clear Lake on the wings of the notes!

– Thank-you


Dawn Goss –  Erickson

How lucky I am to hear this!!!


Beverley Brown – Rossburn

As always, excellent programs. My favourite weekend of the year.


Julia E. Anderson – Brandon

Wonderful selection of music and choice of artists. Thank you for a very special week-end of music and for having afternoon sessions.


Joan Fedoruk –  Clear Lake

The musicians’ performances were extraordinary. The Festival is the highlight of this marvelous summer. Bravo!


Susan Riediger – Erickson


Nice diversity

Aimee Brown – Box 3, Vista, R0J 2E0 – 204-859-2219 – 


Excellent. Always really enjoy it. Appreciate the context provided for each piece and the fun, informal atmosphere. Thanks for all the hard work!


Renate Schultz – Box 37, Glenella, R0J 0V0 – 204-352-4451 – 


It was interesting to hear the different music pieces, very enjoyable. The string instruments were nice to hear. A real treat.



This is the very first time I’ve attended any chamber music festival at Erickson.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music and the intimate setting. It has given me a greater appreciation for music and the talent and hard work of these musicians!


Donna Cymbalist –Gladstone

Amazing finale music. Uncomfortable parts!

Thank you!



Lana Fidler – Winnipeg

– truly magnificent music ….emotionally riveting

– so moving and magical

– evokes so many auditory sensory images

– I feel so happy to have been able to attend this performance

– Thank you. Life is enriched!!


Glen Fidler –  Winnipeg

My first experience of Chamber Music on Monday, August 3, 2015 at 3:00 pm. I had a wonderful experience of visualizing scenery in music.


Lynn Whidden – Brandon

Sound in church is great!

Simon Liao –  Winnipeg

Thanks for the music!

Will be back next year.


Heather Howdle –Erickson

– very special musical experience! Exquisite

– more marketing may be helpful as … there is a lot of competition on the August long weekend

– ? an open air concert for Saturday a.m. or Sunday a.m. in the Park or Erickson fairgrounds where there is a covered stage.