Audience commence: Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival 2016

Outstanding all!!   Gervan Fearon

Attending the Clear Lake Music Festival is proving to be the highlight of my summer! What an unbelievable privilege to listen to the music of top-notch world class musicians in the gorgeous setting near Clear Lake. I can’t get over what quality of live music is being performed just a few feet away from me and I can interact with these warm, approachable musicians. I’ll be coming back!    Trudy Voth

This is my first festival; I look forward to every note of music, congratulations to the artisitic-director…  Réal Saint Laurent

Great concert; of course, exceptional talents; just wonderful to have such talents and skills here in Brandon.   Mary Massey

Excellent concert. Brandon is so lucky to have this wonderful festival.  Leslie Dzogan

Magnificent! Dale Lakevold

Bravo! Fabulous festival! Thanks esp. for the Ken Nichols commentator – brilliant! DiBrandt

Scheduling of the Clear Lake Festival conflicts with the dates of the Brandon Folk, Music and Art Festival this year. That will cut into attendance by a certain demographic. Thursday night’s concert was fantastic!  Dinah Ceplis

Outstanding – very special: altogether. Julie Anderson

A wonderful program – thoroughly enjoyed all pieces. The performances were inspirational.  Gwyneth Pickering

Fantastic!   Mary Jane McLachlan

Brilliant performance   Joan Fedoruk

Really enjoyed the performance! Great!  Millie Reid

Exceptional !!!      H. Knock

Absolutely wonderful. Ken made me cry – the Dvorak brought me back!   Karen Webb

I really like Dr. Nichols’ music (don’t like most “new music”): I don’t care for opera BUT the words and settings were delightful and very evocative. Dr. Nichol did a superb job of telling about settlers’ lives and emotions. Mr. Playfair is a joy to listen to.

The Ravel was a delight (the “Ondine”). The rest was amazing piano playing but I don’t care for the virtuoso banging.

I love Dvorak and thoroughly enjoyed this!!! Total delight! (But too fast….)

Happy Birthday and congratulations Dr. Nichols!

Pat Bidlake

Mark would have been so pleased had he been able to be present! Ken’s music brought such life to his words, the musicians made the prairies glow and the soloists put such feeling into it all. Wonderful performance!    Patricia Tole

Congratulations to Ken! Wonderful composition and great performance!!

Alexander Tselyakov – Amazing as always!!    Janet Shaw

Absolutely AMAZINGLY   Wonderful    Karen Barteaux


July 22 – 24th concerts

Love the Vivaldi. Looking forward to next year. We stayed at the National Park. Could be better promoted there.   Robert Hecky

Jazz: Really enjoy the different instruments. Am looking forward to the Martisse. The addition of Dean McLain creates a new sound to the band.   Jewel Thoren Dinsdale

Wonderful – especially Saturday morning.     Sylvia – Ande Kaktins

What’s not to love? It’s jazz! Bravo to the new young musicans! What a fabulous surprise guest!      Kyrstyna Carrier

Wonderful. Just try sitting still! Love it!    Christina Howe

Cool     Bill Clarke

Beautiful vocals. Great music.   Barb Clarke

Thank you    Terri Beaudin

I love the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival. It is wonderful to have such first class musicians play the music. I live relatively close to home. I look forward to it every year!

Wendy Rose

Thanks for the festival! I’m sure it’s a lot of work. Terrific musicians and enjoyable tunes. Thanks.     Liz Kristjanson

I love the idea of bringing this music to the country! I am not an accomplished musician, but it is wonderful to be exposed to such world-class musicians!    Goo Yerex


A slightly more introspective ‘Coffee’ morning, with the ‘serious’ touches reflected in Joyce Mais rendering of Piazzolla’s haunting ‘Oblivion’ and David Playfair’s expressive presentation of Thomas Pearson’s highly personal songs. Brighter touches includes the Allegro movements of Vivaldi’s concerto in D Major and the allegro livity of Kye Marshall’s “Interact” quartet. All tasty “Food for Thought! Another thought: perhaps the Jazz concert might attract even more listeners if it were in the afternoon. People who need to be back in Brandon in the evening then could attend.    Paul Shore

Fri evening concert was wonderful. I enjoyed the diversity of selectins and the thoughtful inteoductions to each piece. The cello sonata stole my heart.

Stephanie Guildford

Technically fantastic!! The Handal was such a great way to start the evening and beautifully, emotionally done. Thank you! (Would love more Baroque and Classical period music).    Tharnia Uys

Enjoyed every moment of the progam. Especially the Astor Piazzolla melodies.    Alice Stitt

With the sincerest thank you for your exquisite performance. Early morning music… so delightful especially the ‘Interaction’ presentation… very light and so much fun to hear. You are delightful. Thank you again.    Patricia Spraggs

Enjoyed harpsichord sound. Could Simon play cello on continuo of the trio sonata (Friday).    Lynn Whidden

Wow!! Never stop doing this. Thank you for bringing this series to rural Manitoba. I love the venue and the atmosphere. The talent is unbelievable.   Julie Hutton

Thank you. Beautiful. Enjoyed.    Chris Howe

Enjoy all the music. Great musicians. Would like the Jazz festival in the afternoon so I don’t have to drive at night.    Grace Potter

What a wonderful experience. The intimate setting and excellent acoustics enhanced my enjoyment of the music. The selected pieces were a delight. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, to all the performers and those who have organized this Saturday morning concert and the entire series of concerts.    Ken Dzogan

The music is heavenly1 It’s so nice to be able to speak with the performers. The coffee was excellent, as was the baking. The setting encouraged interaction with other audience members. I can imagine no better way of spending a rainy summer morning. Thoroughly enjoyable!     Leslie Dzogan

Totally amazing, fantastic, and here in Erickson.    Cathy Wrobelewsky

A top notch music festival which I look forward to each year. Very good diversity of repertoire.    Ken Nichols

Thanks you, Artists for sharing your precious gift of music this evening in Erickson. I feel very privileged to be a member of your audience. May God richly bless you with health to continue sharing your gifts. Thanks you once again.

Patricia Spraggs

Splendid performances! I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to hear these outstanding musicians.

Joan Fedoruk

Very much appreciated the introductions given for all the music played this evening. Very good concert, as always! Excellent playing by all.

Ruth Nickel

Very enjoyable/high quality. Especially like the breakfast concert and classical music. Suggest more advertising.  Susan Riedeger

This concert is very good quality, and I feel needs to reach more people. Perhaps advertising on local TV stations, facebook, public service announcements, and the South Mountain Press. There is always a lot of things going on in the summer and you do a wonderful job.    Heather Howdle

Love the festival!  Highlight of my year.    Beverly Brown

The baritone David gave a delightful animated performance. He was on stage. Loved all the music.     Jewel Thoren Dinsdale

This concert has been the most surprising event of the summer. What good fortune I have had to experience this amazing music. Thanks you!    Leslie Widdifield-Konkin

What a fun way to start the coffee concert! Triads are difficult, fun, and take a lot of skill/concentration with intricate time. Thank you!! The interaction of the players is very delightful, and professional.    Tharina Uys

Thank you for playing Piazzolla’s Grand Tango. What a great piece with wonderful playing/bowing. My favorite so far remains the Dvorak Piano Quintet from Thursday evening, Bravo. I missed the fruit at Saturday am breakfast.  Marianne Reid

First time! Wonderful event. Brings amazing talent together for the novice and musically experienced to enjoy.    Lisa Cardell

Attended the Jazz concert at church. Mic the flute better or position the group a bit differently. Increase sound or gain on flute and vocal. Great pieces. Thoroughly enjoyed the AMAZING talent! Thanks so much! Love Jazz!    Sheena Scorgie

The fun Tango and learning piece with students. Awesome.   Jewel Thoren-Dinsdale

Extraordinary strings! I feel I have been served a most satisfying, multi-course meal of a not often experienced blend of the finest ingredients! Bravo! It was a privilege.

Krystyna Carrier

I am enjoying all the music at the Festival.     Jim Vickers