“Wonderful music and musicians!” – Heather Howell

“Excellent concerts – a high lite of the summer. The Debussy was wonderful.”

– Mary Jane McLachlan

“Excellent choice of music and performers. My favourite, Piano Quartet No. 2 E flat, Mozart.”

– Herman

“The Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival is a major summer highlight for me. Thank you for continuing to offer it. This delightful afternoon buoys me up. Bravo!”

– Joan Fedoruk

“Magnificent music. Church stuffy and uncomfy pews!” – D. Cymbalist

“Thank you! Such a joy! Looking forward to next year!” – Anonymous

“Thanks again. It was lovely, as always.” – Tharina Uys

“Truly hope the yearly music festival continues! We need the classical music festivals, as well as the other summer festivals in Westman! Special treat and blessing with Alexander & Daniel & friends sharing on Thursday evening. Wine and cheese was a nice touch!”

– Rev. Garry MacDowall

“Excellent. Looking forward to next year.” – Grace Potter

“GREAT++ (SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!) – Joan Lightle

“Amazing playing! Well deserved standing ovation on the Mozart! I really liked how the pianist played with his eyes closed!” – Noah Clarke

“July 28, 2018, morning: Extremely emotional, great energy.

July 28, 2018, evening: Great energy as well;

the energy from the musicians was spectacular, reaching the audience.

July 29, 2018: more relaxing; brings a feeling of ‘flying.’

There should be other events like this throughout the year.” – Doronei R.P. Silveira

“Wonderful concert – thank you.” – Viola Burkett

“July 28,2018 morning: I found it wonderful and fun, with a good vibration. I loved it.

July 28, 2018 evening: Fantastic! An incredible energy, we could feel how much the musicians enjoyed it. I don’t have words to express how much I loved it. July 29, 2018: It was gorgeous and the pieces were beautifully played. I would like to thank you for the initiative, is a beautiful festival. I’m just sorry that I did not see any marketing about the festival

and ended up learning about it after its beginning.” – Debora Cristine Silveira

“Amazing music throughout the whole festival. A wonderful mix of humor and serious, familiar and new. The musicians did an outstanding job.” – Dianna Hysop

“July 28, 2018: enjoyed both presentations, especially the Jazz Concert. I do believe the Festival Promotion could be amplified, the reason why I’m writing it is because I heard about the festival through a friend and only after receiving the program booklet. I noticed the company I work for is one of the sponsors of the Festival. I really believe the turnout would be higher if sponsors received flyers and other materials in advance in order for employees to become aware of the festival (in 3 concerts I didn’t see any of my co-workers and I know many of them would be interested). The festival is too good to be known for only a few people.

The School of Business of both ACC and/or BU could assist in a

marketing plan to help grow the festival.” – Cristioni Joaquim

“Tell Daniel he should give his Dad back his moustache. Great performance, Daniel, it was great to come watch!!” – M.G.

“I always love hearing Gershwin! And discovering a new favourite in Piazzola was exciting.

The performers seemed to have an infectious enthusiasm that they

communicated to the audience. Well done!” – Abigail Hysop

“Very enjoyable, wish I could attend them all.” – Edie Evans

“Thank you for the awesome concert!” – Dylan

Amazing clarinet!! What a treat – everything J” – Darlene McKibben

“Very well done. Very entertaining!” – Anonymous

“Very delightful concert, lots of variety and movement in the music,

very enjoyable and humorous at times.” – Dorothy Biech

“Attended July 27th – beautiful! I love and appreciate the background and history of the music and composers, i.e. the 17 year old composer, the Tango, etc. My first time to Erickson concert, wonderful. I really enjoyed Chelsea’s voice. Fantastic job, directors. I will return.”

– Mary Wardle

“Great Music! It would have been a good idea to advertise coffee at 10:00 a.m. and music at 11:00 a.m. for the Saturday morning concert.” – Margaret

Entertaining and fun, Thank You!” – Heather Hueging

“Totally delightful!” – Margaret Whetter

“Very nice concert.” – Serhiy Smutchenko

“Thank you for such a high caliber concert – light and varied concert. A real joy!!”

– Debra Gray

The music was lovely. I especially enjoyed the Oblivion by Piazzolla.”

– Sofia Smutchenko

“Loved the Tango!” – Nicole Vickers

“Excellent variety. Fun. Should advertise that it starts at 10:00 a.m. so everyone can come for coffee on the Saturday morning concert.” – Anonymous

“Lovely drive – so nice that it is accessible! Always great to hear BU faculty and friends. Chelsea’s vocals were an inspired addition to the program.” – Janice Christianson-Wood

“Thank you to the anonymous donor to the Erickson Lutheran Church piano fund, which helps our music ministry and the CLC Music Festival!” – Heather Howdle

“Great concert – every selection inspirational for young and old. Loved the soloist.”

– Viola Burkett

“Wonderful concert, lovely atmosphere. Thank you for having me!”- Andreia Werner

“Excellent plus!” – Grace Potter

“Loved it! The different popular elements were a lot of fun, especially the tangos and the musical theatre elements.” – Aimee Brown

“I liked all the jazz and different music. It was very funny, the lyrics of the movie song and I enjoyed the various methods of playing in the 3 funny pieces.” – Noah Clarke

“State the time that the coffee/pastry will be served and the time when the concert begins.”

– Margaret Koberstein

“You did it again!!” – Tharina Uys

“Thanks for concert!” – Valentine Smutchenko

“Wonderful concert as usual! Stand out performers for the concert were Cathy Wood and Chelsea Chimilar! The addition of the musical theatre pieces was a nice touch! I enjoyed the musicians commentary before the pieces. Great job! (Of course, I am a bit biased!)”

– Darlene Chimilar

“Great stuff, thanks much! Look forward each summer.” – Dwight Ullberg

“Excellent performances. Especially enjoyed the musical theatre and clarinet.” – L&W Hyde

“Enjoyed the concert immensely! Perhaps the coffee would be available before the show!”

– Carla Janzen

“Choir loft for overflow – amazing!!” – D.G.

“Enjoy the concerts, look forward to them every year. Please continue and thank you for your talents and work involved for presenting them.” – Eleanor Klippenstine

“I can only think of superlatives. Superb. Such talent! Sadly, too many seats sit empty.”

– Sharyn Hayter

“Another amazing con concert! Thank you!!” – Tharina Uys

“Thanks for brilliant concert!” – Veniamin Smutchenko

“Thank you for wonderful concert!” – Ludmilla Smutchenko

“Outstanding! Very enjoyable!” – Dale Johnson

“10+” – Joan Lightle

“Beautifully done!! Thank you for the hard work that all of the artists put in to

create such a wonderful evening.” – Lana Iovrenco

“Excellent – 10!” – Joan Lightle

“Excellent music.” – Daniel and Michelle Bedard

“Superb playing.” – Grace Toews

“Thank you very much for such enjoyment to be on this concert! Amazing performance of all musicians! Especially, I adore the singer’s performance, her singing and actor’s ability!”

– Natalia Smutchenko

“Great clarinetist.” – James Wood

“Wonderful music on Thursday and fun music on Friday.” – Denise Legare

“Wonderful. I especially admired Cathy Wood’s performance.” – Ida Hallatt

“Awesome” – David Mullin

“Thoroughly enjoyed the first two components and looking forward to the third.”

– Teresa Mullin

“As someone who does not listen to classical music on a regular basis, I found most of the music daunting. I found the most enjoyable parts to be of music of a more familiar type – mostly like older Disney movies (i.e. Fantasia, Snow White). I would like to suggest music from more modern composers and perhaps unusual sources ie. some pieces from video games such as Legend of Zelda Series or Miyazawn movies (such as Howl Moving Castle or Spirited Away). Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the romantics piece of the violins, however.” – Michael Hodges

“Prof. Alexander Tselyakov and son, Daniel, were magnificent. What a wonderful start to the Festival on the Thursday Opening Night Concert. Thanks so much.” Julia E. Anderson

“Excellent performances! Will have to return next year.” – Joyu Thames

“1. Beautiful Music.

2. Clarinet music somewhat new to me, very enjoyable.

3. Sooo beautiful, lively.” – Helena Neustater

“The concert was amazing. Mysterious clarinet sounds were interesting.

I really liked the gentle touch of piano as well.” – Sofia Smutchenko

“The opening Mozart … simply exhilarating!! A brilliant presentation of Brahms’ piano quartet in G Minor. We are so blessed as Brandonites to be privy to this caliber of music!!

Keep up the great work!!” – Margaret Penner

“I love the concert performances every time. Thank you very much.” – Anonymous

“Clarinet has a fascinating sound. Interesting how I could hear that piece begin in the

romantic style and end jazzy, just as the M.C. said.” – Carol MacKenzie

“Lovely setting! Accessible and good parking. Wonderful to hear BU faculty and guests!

Will be going to tomorrow’s concert.” – Janice Christianson-Wood

“Very relaxing. A wonderful way to spend an evening.” – Leslie Dzogan

“It is fun to hear lots of different instruments play. And fun to see them performing live!!” J J

– Chloe Lourenco

“It is a privilege to have such wonderful concerts of high class here in Brandon. The inspiration provided to our younger generation is immeasurable. A big thank you to the esteemed artists and organizers of this amazing event! We trust that you will always find the energy and resources required for this outstanding musical event and will continue for the years to come!”

– Anna Badea

“My love for strings is growing. The performances have been spectacular. I would love to join an orchestra one day and even get a chance to conduct.” – Glenice Deterville

“We came last night and I didn’t have plans for tonight. Last night was great and convinced us to come again tonight. Thank you, never stop sharing your gift of music.” – John MacKenzie

“Wonderful concert – although clarinet is not my favourite – It was an

exciting performance – super evening.” – John Gordon

“Excellent” – Grace Potter

“It was a lovely concert. I liked the melodies and the music. I could hear all the voices

coming in and how it all fit, even though I listened backstage.” – Noah Clarke

“Dr. Cathy Wood’s playing leaves me breathless. She makes the clarinet part of her body.

So expressive. So beautiful to listen to and watch. Thanks so much.” – Julia E. Anderson

“Wonderfully diverse programming and superb musicians!

This festival provides a great service to Manitoba.” – Ken Nichols

“Beautiful music. I should come every year!”  – Amanda Hodges