Concert 2: Tuesday, August 10, 2021, @7:00 PM CDT

“Quotations and Homages” Meet the Manitoba Composers I 

Graham Campbell, guitar

Pre Talk: Paul Shore, Host

Pre Talk: Graham Campbell, Guitar, Composer  

“Kol Nidre” for Guitar Solo        Sid Robinovitch (1942- ) Graham Campbell, Guitar 

Pre Talk: James Campbell, Clarinet 

James Campbell, clarinet

“Midnight Strut” for Solo Clarinet      (world premiere of this version)   Jim Hiscott (1948- )  James Campbell, Clarinet 

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David Scott, composer

      Pre Talk: David Scott, Composer 

Guitar Sonata David Raphael Scott (1962- ) 

Rob MacDonald, guitar
  1. Adagio Andante       2.  Scherzo – trio         3.  Allegro Interotto 

Rob MacDonald, Guitar 

Pre Talk: Paul Shore, Host 

“Reverie”          Kenneth Nichols (1936- August 6, 2021)  ( world premier for this version)           Leanne Zacharias, Cello; Alexander Tselyakov, Piano  


Ken Nichols
Ken Nichols, Composer (1936- August 6, 2021)

Pre Talk: Paul Shore, Host 

“The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter for Low Voice, Flute, and Piano”          Kenneth Nichols  (1936-August 6,2021)                                                                                                                                 Alexander Tselyakov, Piano; Sarah Hall, Soprano; Nancy Hennen, Flute 
Sarah Hall, Soprano
Alexander Tselyakov, Piano, Artistic Director
Nancy Hennen, Flute